29 January 2013


I'm one of those never-throw-the-toothbrush-out kind of people.  When I'm done with them, they all go to the cleaning cupboard to be tiny scrub brushes.  One time in high school I even made one into a bracelet.  However, I cannot even recall the last time I decided I was going to clean something so thoroughly that I used a toothbrush to do so!  Seeing as I'm not so good on the reusing front, and in general I'd like to lower my use of plastics (especially ones that aren't readily/obviously recyclable), maybe an alternative toothbrush would suit me.  My husband found these, actually: the environmental toothbrush.

A dentist in Brisbane invented this toothbrush, which is made of bamboo.  They're a bit basic, but last well and do the job just fine.  Another bonus is the low cost.  But I must say that as soon as I started using them I realised how many "comfort" design features regular toothbrushes have.  Flexible neck, contoured head, etc...this brush does not have that.  But I found out that although it was noticeable at first, in the long run I didn't care.