22 May 2013

dolman from man's t-shirt

I admit that before I saw this project I didn't even know what a dolman top was.  Of course I had seen the style before, but I had no idea what its name was.  I found this project at trash to couture and instantly knew what shirt I'd be modifying: one of my humongous band t-shirts that I've never been able to part with but never wear because it would be like wearing a tent.

This was what I would call my first "real" sewing project.  I made sure to watch the tutorial before starting so I wouldn't screw anything up.  Turns out this was really easy and I love the result, especially the new ruching at the bottom.  I think the 80's vibe of the dolman style works really well with this cheesy Weezer shirt.

Sorry for the craptastic selfie