20 May 2014

Newport Substation Farmers' Market

Over the last year we have been experimenting with how we buy our fruits and vegetables.  We have been trying to find the perfect meld of my priorities of seasonal, local and preferably organic produce with my husband's priority of being able to do the purchasing and choosing.  On top of this we both want good quality.  We were happy when we were receiving Aussie Farmers Direct boxes, but while they were able to convert us to eaters of silver beet and kale, the cauliflower, brussel sprouts, mint, and wombok just did not get used despite multiple attempts.

My husband spent a lot of time visiting markets and stores and discovered it can be difficult to find out where your food is coming from.  Then we tried the Newport Substation Sunday Farmers' Market.  Other Farmers' Markets we have been to often feature heaps of artisan cheese and wine and other lovely but non-staple items.  Newport's market, however, is where we can do our fortnightly family produce shopping.  We've been able to develop a bit of a relationship with the people who supply our food, and they often have fun things to tell us about their week on the farm or photos of what's just about ready to pick.

As for the fruits and vegetables, we were blown away by the quality and flavour.  Honestly it is difficult to get produce anywhere else after tasting what the market has to offer.  Even items like onions and capsicums are so much more flavourful.  Previously our fortnightly fruit and veg was costing us about $40, but now we spend closer to $50 for the same amount.  We have no qualms spending a bit more for the amazing quality we're getting.

So if you're in the area, try it out.  They have plenty of other stalls besides just fruit and vegetables, and often street food and a coffee cart.  It's a nice spot for the family to spend an hour on a Sunday.