09 December 2012

toilet paper

Where to start?  Bums.

Zoos Victoria launched their recycled toilet paper campaign "Wipe for Wildlife" and I was on board.  Pretty simple change to make to purchase recycled TP instead of other brands, right?  Actually it was slightly harder than expected.  Or should I say rougher?

I've never been loyal to a TP brand or spent time making sure I bought double-ply or whatever.  But I think you can agree with me that there are some brands out there that are much akin to tissue paper and it is not comfortable.  So it honestly took me nearly a year to find the brand of recycled toilet paper that I like the most.

Three cheers for Naturale (the one with the Orange Thighed Treefrog on the package).  It just works, isn't scratchy, and unlike many of its competitors, you wouldn't obviously notice that it was recycled.  Plus the good thing about recycled TP is that it is cheaper.  Bonus!

I have noticed that many of the other brands of TP are starting to carry forest-friendly labels regardless of being 100% recycled or not.  I haven't looked into this and compared it to the benefits of using recycled--maybe you can tell me?

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