10 July 2013

soft plastics

Did you know that most types of plastics, including plastic bags, are recyclable?  The only problem is that not everything that's recyclable can get thrown into your recycle bin for weekly pick up.  RED group is "rethinking recycling" and the list of plastic products they recycle is impressive.  There isn't a heap more effort that needs to be put in since they have collection bins at Coles stores.  We have just put a box in the laundry room and collect things in there.  It actually takes ages to accumulate enough for drop-off, so the biggest change is in our behaviour.  I admit that it's pretty easy to remember to save the bread bags, but I often have to remind myself that frozen food and confectionary packaging can be recycled.  Between eliminating food and plastic waste, our bin is much less full.  I suspect if we look closer at what else we throw away we will probably find some other ways we can reduce our waste.

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