31 July 2014

diapers part 3

We have finally made the leap to all cloth all the time! (well, except for when a babysitter just can't handle it)  The gdiaper system proved too bulky to add the extra inserts needed for overnight, but we found some modern cloth nappies that work very well and are comfortable.  We are using Magic-alls by Baby BeeHinds with bamboo inserts by pea pods.  The inserts get tri-folded and we use two for overnight, meaning 6 layers of absorbency.  The Magic-all does a great job of fitting comfortably for a long wear and wicks away the moisture quite well for a dry baby in the morning.  There have been two very mild diaper rashes since using this system, but they were very quick to heal with a couple applications of cream.  They occurred the same time as teething problems so could easily be attributed to that instead of the diapers, but I'm not sure.  Washing for these diapers is just as easy as for the gdiapers, perhaps even easier because bubs doesn't poo overnight!
Folded insert, Magic-all

Insert goes into pocket

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