14 August 2013

pochette from a shirt

So this quick project was another pinterest find, linking to a youtube tutorial on how to make a t-shirt pochette (not an envelope-style purse, but a "little pocket").  My advice is to watch the video on mute...the music isn't too great.  While this bag is simple enough that a few pictures could have relayed the instructions, it's sometimes nice just to watch someone crafting on youtube.  

Simple flowers for embellishment
I wanted to make more of a proper handbag handle and just had to experiment a bit with making one.  They do sell handles at craft stores for those people who make their own purses, but they would have looked too serious at the top of this casual bag.  After a couple trials I ended up with a a simple decorative stitch to bind some fake leather from the trims section and I'm pretty happy with the look.

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